Playa Buenaventura

About Playa Buenaventura



Playa Buenaventura is a tranquil paradise located in Bahía Concepción, Baja California Sur at KM 94 off of the Highway 1.   When sand touches your toes and a cold beverage reaches up just beneath your nose, you will know you have arrived at beautiful Playa Buenaventura. If the weather is warm,  take a refreshing dip in the wam water. Accommodations include a restaurant, camping, beach rentals, activities and more.  The beach is off-grid.  All of the water is hauled in and electricity comes from generators and solar. If you like getting away from the rat race, being surrounded by nature, swimming in a clean warm ocean, enjoy breathing fresh air and seeing the milky way on a clear evening then Playa Buenaventura may be a good option for you.

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Sea, Sand, Seafood, Cerveza