Mulegé (Heroica Mulegé)

No Bad Days in Muege
No Bad Days in Mulege

       Mulege is an oasis town on the drive down the Baja Highway 1.  There is no other cities in the world with the name Mulegé. It is the closest town to Playa Buenaventura at about 23 miles to the north.  We highly recommend seeing the magic of Mulege. The relaxed culture can be felt when the majority of shops close for “siesta time” between 1:00 and 4:00pm.  You will likely still be able to find a bar or taco stand where you can mingle with locals, snowbirds and other Baja adventurers.  Fishing stories are commonly heard and some are even true.

       Mulege is at the mouth of El Rio de Santa Rosalia. I recommend walking through the palm trees down to the water.  A feeling that needs to experienced.  Rich soil and water supply results in delicious locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Sea, Sand, Seafood, Cerveza